Partial 3 – TI 2011

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Reflective post on the course TI 2011 – Project Evaluation and Management

What have I learned so far in this class?

Thinking all the way back to February (I can´t believe how much time has passed), so many small things come to my mind that have helped me in the course as well as in other courses I had. One of the most important ones were the conversations we had during class about the book chapters and our takeaways. It was amazing to see how each one of us had connected different topics and examples to the lessons of the book, and talking about those really helped to put together a ‘big picture’.

Another highlight was to work together with students not coming from a business background but IT. I realized that we were able to complement our knowledge very well, and at the same time I found that, with their help and some effort, I could also learn small coding steps quite easily.

Sadly, due to obvious circumstances, our lectures had to take place online. However, in my opinion this was another opportunity to prepare for a future work environment, where more and more people will have to work from home. This requires discipline and the ability to structure ones one schedule, but also trust and the ability to find a way of co-working with other people in other time zones.

Personally, I believe many companies which were reluctant to do so before have now been involuntarily thrown into the cold waters and were forced to let employees work from home, adapt more flexible ways of working, change business processes accordingly and also start to interact differently with their customers.

I could imagine that many people, managers as well as employees themselves might have been surprised

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