Why is ITem Open Source? Good Question

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George Nachman @gnachman the creator of the ITerm project describes himself in his twitter bio as “the iTerm2 guy. I eat, sleep, and breathe terminal emulation. It is my everything.”, but what is ITerm exactly? ITerm is a GNU licensed terminal for MacOS, it supports a terminal with new features and even viewing images (for some reason).  but why is it open source? I couldn’t find a exact answer anywhere in the internet, but, I think the reason is the lack of Terminal alternatives on MacOS.

Examining under the GNU License it specifies how the software is made to share, to give you the freedom to do whatever you want, share it and change it, free to all users.

Captura de pantalla 2017-03-29 16.03.18

Looking at some responses in Quora.com, I found that the reasons why the users choose to have this terminal over the standard app, are the COLORS and mouse support,

Open Source and Creative Commons License

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Some thoughts came to my mind today, like why am I able to code on a great code editor for free? Or why would someone create a public place to share knowledge as wikipedia, I browsed for a while and found some interesting things, there are tons of cool people out in the world who think that sharing is an amazing idea.

But sharing things has legal implications, and that is why there have been created different licensing levels, so that people can share stuff knowing what people can legally do with it.

I found out that my favourite text editor, atom, is an open source project made by the CEO of github Chris Wanstrath, and he made it open source so other people could make their own text editors based on it using it. He enjoys the fact that you can enhance your daily tools with your daily tools, it’s a name that I won’t forget.

I also found that there is something called Creative Commons License which is used when an author wants to give people the right to share, use, and build on their work, the book Code: Version 2.0 was created under this license by Lawrence Lessig who things that common-shared knowledge is amazing.

Now I think I have the need to thank this type of persons, who make our lives much easier on a daily basis.

Oh My Zsh

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Oh My Zsh is an open source project that aims at beautifying the linux shell using Zsh on linux distributions and MacOS. Zsh or Z shell is a powerful and flexible shell, Oh My Zsh allows us to change the Zsh through plug-ins and themes, most of which come straight from its community, the main reason for it to be open-source.

It can be installed following this guide on Robby Russell’s github, the one responsible for creating the project.

Here’s some examples of how your terminal may look afterwards:

agnoster theme
ys theme