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Well, I’m from Mexico and I wanted to make a post about motivition but I think this video I found is what describes motivation at it’s best the problem is that it is in spanish but you can use the subtitles plus youtube traduction, enjoy:

I hope you liked it, each time i watch this video I get inspired hahahaha. I think there is nothing else to add to that video about motivation.

People are Awesome

--Originally published at Jose Ramon Romano

Well this is going to be the first post of this category so I’ll explain it a little bit, in here ill post my thoughts about some people I’ve met or I’ve read of.

This time I’ll talk about some people I’ve been listening to, in my class with Ken Bauer, he has invited some people to give us some speeches about what they do, most of them are entrepreneurs, and that’s what I want to hear about, doing a job is kind of following orders but being an entrepreneur is distinct, one of the questions I had before hearing these guys was ¿Should I work some years after I graduate or should I start my own enterprise? In the first speech one of my classmates asked that question and the person talking to us answered in the way I am hoping for.

His name is Marco Gloria, and he said that if he had to relive that time of his life again he would start his enterprise as soon as he graduates, because if you start working it will be harder for you to abandon your salary and the life you are getting used to just to try to make your enterprise idea work. I liked his answer because I have always wanted to create my enterprise but lately I had been having some second thoughts because the salaries when you graduate are kinda good.

I’m glad he said that and now I’m certain of what I will do, after hearing him only two more persons have had an impact on my thinking, Juan Carlos Gonzalez talked about his experience when he created his enterprise, I find it pretty motivating because he started from scratch and he achieved a lot, he told us how he failed sometimes and how

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