Security and STATS (not security stats)

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I know this is not the way to start a blogpost, but this post is going to be a long one, and yes, you’ll get a potato.

You may or may not know what I mean when saying STATS, for those wondering, STATS is a project where I’ve been working for the last 15 weeks, and it involves a web app, elementary school kids, and math.

Basically at the start of this semester, when creating my schedule, all my subjects were gone, and I got this notification saying, do you wish to register the STATS package, and I thought to myself, “do I get to choose?” Long story short, the answer was NO and I ended up in an interesting way of learning and developing as an ISC. No homeworks, no exams, just us developers, and the project at hand, that was the promise, some teachers respected it, some others didn’t, but that’s another story.

My team, which I think is the best team where I’ve worked ever, (If you guys are reading this, thanks for this semester) and I decided to make it happen, and we created a web app featuring an adventure of a spaceship on its journey to the Red Planet, math here and there and funny stuff.

The app intended audience/users are kids in elementary school, and their respective teachers as administrators of the system, the kids would play the game, and we would be collecting data, analizing it, and sending it to the teachers helping them with their work…

Data… Security… I wonder if those two should be related in any way, oh, yeah, they should be like father and son, like wolves and the moon, and like that bubblegum in your shoe.

With that being said, lets start our ride on how security

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One rule to rule them a… wait… there are three?? (Short talk about Morris’s golden rules and the STATS project )

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I know it’s early in the morning, but I felt like writting a little bit, I had this topic as an assignment in university, and I thought about adding some salt and pepper to it, Bob and Alice always like their food with salt and pepper *wink*.

Obviously I’m not as safe as one could be with the Morris’s rules, but I think that by following those three little fellas my life would be slow and boring.

Rule 1: Do not own a computer. Even if I didn’t use my laptop to write, phones nowadays are little computers that send and receive stuff every second, so… I’m screwed.

Rule 2: Do not power it on. Like, for real, people out there, if you broke the first law and you have spent some money on a laptop or phone, and you care about your security, don’t turn it on, it won’t explode (I hope), but who knows who may be looking through your webcam or hearing through your mic, yes, I’m frightened while looking at that thing on top of my computer hoping it won’t look back at me.

Rule 3: Uhm yeah… if you got this far, I guess you broke the third rule with me, as it is not to use your computer. Your eyes are not tricking you. Your computer is your door to many places in the outer world, but it’s also a window of opportunity for people lurking for information.

But don’t worry that much, many of us have broken this rules, we may or may not become a target. But know what you are getting into by using a computer, and if you can, lock the window.

I had so much fun by writting this, and I hope you had some while reading it, now

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