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¡Hola a todos! Ahora, contrario a la costumbre, haré un paréntesis y hablaré de otro libro también relacionado a la Evaluación y administración de proyectos. Este libro lleva por nombre "The Deadline: A Novel about Project Management" y fue escrito por Tom DeMarco. Contrario a lo que he estado haciendo con el libro de McConnell, aquí … Seguir leyendo Deadline

Preparaciones finales

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¡Hola a todos! Continuamos hablando del libro de Software Project Survival Guide, de Steve McConnell. Ahora toca hablar del último tema referente a las preparaciones de un proyecto, precisamente el capítulo se llama "Preparaciones finales". Vamos a ver un poco de qué trata. Muchos de los temas que aquí se abordarán ya fueron vistos en otras … Seguir leyendo Preparaciones finales

Arquitectos del software

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¡Hola a todos! Bienvenidos a otro de mis posts sobre Evaluación y administración de proyectos. En esta oportunidad, les estaré escribiendo un poco sobre la fase de arquitectura del proyecto. En pocas palabras, una arquitectura provee la estructura técnica para un proyecto. Hace el proyecto más sencillo, es donde se plasma cómo se integrará todo … Seguir leyendo Arquitectos del software

Requerimientos: saber entender al cliente

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¡Hola a todos! Les presento el segundo post del día. En esta ocasión, enfocándonos al mismo libro de Steve McConnell, hablaré sobre el desarrollo de los requisitos de un proyecto. Les recuerdo que este libro, llamado Software Project Survival Guide, lo pueden comprar en Amazon en formato impreso o digital. No hace falta decir, creo yo, … Seguir leyendo Requerimientos: saber entender al cliente

Saca el plan… para el proyecto

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¡Hola a todos! He aquí un nuevo post. Les hablaré un poco sobre la planificación preliminar que hay que hacer cuando se está iniciando un proyecto, basándonos en el libro de Software Project Survival Guide. Antes que nada, debo decir que todo lo que ponga aquí debe estar incluido en el plan de desarrollo de … Seguir leyendo Saca el plan… para el proyecto

The Pragmatic Programmer Thoughts

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Okay, I decided I’m going to change some things around here. Instead of giving my thoughts for each chapter with a little summary, thanks to some comments of my friends and some indirect comments from Ken during the class, I decided to read all the book and then give you my thoughts about, kind of like a review of the book and some tips for it if you want to read it. So, let’s begin.

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I really enjoyed this book, but I think I enjoyed a lot because it made me realize somethings that I do or don’t do when I’m programming or when I’m working on a software project.

I really don’t think this is a book for everyone or that you can read it and then become a programming god or be the best at managing software projects. I will suggest that you should have knowledge about programming (concepts and programming projects) because you can relate a lot of the experiences the author does in his book to things that you have experienced, this will make more enjoyable the reading and you can learn more about which things you did right and which ones you did wrong.

Also, an awesome thing the book has are different programming exercises so you can improve or practice what you just read. You may get at a point, or at least I did, where you get bored for so many exercises and/or stories. In that case, one thing that you can do is skip some exercises and read a lot of the stories, and the  you change so you don’t get that bored.

In general, it is a really good book, it is probably that you get bored at certain points of the book, or if you don’t take some breaks between

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The end isn’t near, it’s here.

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Well, this is it, after a long semester, we’ve come to an end. It’s been a great experience writing week after week, trying to communicate through the book and my experience what I’m learning. I hope that what I’ve written helps you be a better “project manager”, or at least know where to look if you ever need to.

I think I’ll keep writing, about diverse topics, about my experience. So, stick around, and I’m sure you’ll in for quite a ride.

The Deadline

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A couple of weeks ago I finished reading the book: “The Deadline” by Tom DeMarco. I have to say that I liked it quite more that I expected it. There were some times where I got kind of bored, but at the end it would always pick up the pace. If you’re looking for a book about Project Management, and you want it to be more like a novel than of a straight forward kind of book, then this is your book. Go ahead and buy it, rent it, borrow it. It will very much be worth it.


From here on I’ll be talking about what I thought about specific parts of the book, so be aware of SPOILERS. Keep reading at your own risk.

So the book pretty much tells the story of the protagonist, and funny enough, most of the times he is not the one who comes up with the solution, but the ones that surround him. And that is something very valuable that can be missed at first glance: the importance of being surrounded by people who know AND to take their opinions into considerations. We can’t all everything about everything, that’s just impossible. So your inner circle will help you prevail in this aspect, maybe you don’t know the answer to something, and maybe the rest of the team individually doesn’t either, but when you work with them as a team, great things can happen.

In here I want to talk about the ones that surround me, it’s a pretty diverse circle: Gerardo, Daniel, Poncho, Paco. We know how each other works, we know each others strength and weaknesses. For example I’m pretty bad at making things “pretty” but I know that Gerardo will always give me a hand, and he knows that if he’s

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The Deadline

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Mr. Tompkins, a ReSOE “Released to Seek Opportunities Elsewhere” is the protagonist of the Tom Demarco book about Project Management, if you are looking for a new way to learn about PM this book is perfect, it is a novel! so from the beginning of the story, you are transport into the world of a Gant Charts, SCRUM, changes and management risks.

If your english is not really good, there can be some hard words, but in these days there is nothing that google translate can’t resolve.

Some of my favorite Quotes from the book:

“Let me answer that question with a question. What’s the hardest job in management?”
“People,” Tompkins replied automatically. He knew exactly where he stood on this subject. “Getting the right people for the right job. That’s what makes the difference between a good manager and a drone” (DeMarco, T., 1997).

Metascore 88/100 ?????

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DeMarco, T., (1997) The Deadline, Dorset House Publishing, New York: USA.