Partial#1 Evaluation

Partial#1 Rubric

REALLY Needs ImprovementNeeds ImprovementSatisfactoryGoodExcellentWeight on score
How many Mastery Topics have you covered in blog posts? (max 2 topics per post)less than 33 or 45 or 67 or 89 or more25%
How many "other" but related posts have you written?NANA0125%
How many of the WSQ programming assignments did you finish?less than 2234 or 5more than 510%
How well did you do on the quizzes?Less than 50% on themAbout 60% on themAbout 80% on themAbout 90% on themPerfect on all5%
ProjectNAI have a teamI have a team and we talked about the topicWe have a blog post about our topic choiceWe have advanced on implementing the project10%
Quality of Blog PostsBlog posts, what blog posts?Explains the mastery topic in a simple wayExplains the mastery topic with your own example code.Explains with your own example code, includes references to other resources (video, tutorials, webpages).All of the rest plus a video tutorial or screencast and/or a poem or other creative work.10%
Proper Writing Styles (giving credit and references)Huh?Your posts include relevant hashtags to identify/classifyYou include related images or embed related videosYou give proper reference to use of other media.You ensure to use only media that you have permissions to use (probably Creative Commons)5%
How often have you helped other students in class or outside of class?I work by myself and don't help othersI have other people help me and I guess that helps themI work often with another student.I work with more than one other student on problems.I help other students that I did not know before this course.5%
How often have you commented on other students blogs?Other students have blogs???I read other student blogs but have not commentedAt least onceTwo or three timesFour or five times5%
How active are you on Twitter (asking and helping)NoneI post private messages to Ken or my colleagues asking for helpAt least 1 time in public with #TC1017At least 2 times in public with #TC1017At least 3 times in public with #TC10178%
How many times have you visited with Ken this semester?NANANot yetoncemore than once5%
How many times were you absent from class?6 or more4 or 52 or 31NONE! I have perfect attendance. Cookie please!5%
Did you create a course review for #TC1017?NANANANAFree point for now2%

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