“Hello world – Hola mundo” // Using Atom from GitHub and Ubuntu bash on Windows.

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Welcome! , curious readers. This is my first post of the semester but it´s not my first approach to programming. For some health causes I had to take some months to take care of myself , but now I´m back and going to be publishing a lot of atom programs.

In this post I only show the simple code to output “Hello world” . It´s a great first example of what you can do with C++.

See you soon ?

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My first program:

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Well, here it is: my first C++ program. I have to admit it; the most difficult part to me was to find how to open the damn file, but after searching for an entire half hour how to find it, I finally did it.  The program is quite simple (of course, it’s the first one), but so far I’ve noticed that C++ is not by far as simple as C#, which I learned last semester in Remedial. Anyway, here’s the code. I offer my help to anyone that might need it (you can find my twitter on the contact button).

#include <iostream>
using namespace std;
int main()
 cout<<“Hello world.”<<endl;
return 0;


Hello World, First post

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Hello world c++ Program.

Hi there! This is the first post of the many that will be uploaded in here with various subjects and problematics.

Today I will show you how a simple C++ code looks like, this simple code is called Hello world! This code is very simple, is most of the time the first or one of the first codes that you will write if you are learning to program. If you have any question about it and how its done, don´t hesitate to contact me.


Let’s get started.

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First things first.

So here we are, back in the torture chamber, as I call it… And I find myself in a class that I took last semester, and is not like I messed up classrooms and ended up here by mistake, I’m here because… reasons.

This class is different, though. This individual named Ken stands up and one of the things he says gets my attention rather quickly. “You are going to grade yourself”.

“Alright!”, I think: “This is unusual, I like it”.

So where am I as a programmer? Well, let’s start with the Hello World, piece of cake!


Well, it turned out to be more difficult that what I expected, turns out I have to dig into the roots of programming, I have to compile and run my program through Apple’s Terminal, and well I didn’t have a clue how to do that!

So there I am asking Ken about a couple hundred times until, voila! I got it. Or at least I though so… I ask Ken another forty-seven times and finally, it’s stuck in my brain how it’s done.

  • Save your program.
  • Open the terminal (easy peasy!).
  • cd Desktop/
  • Start typing the first letter of the folder your program is saved in and press TAB (magic is gonna happen).
  • Once you are in the desired folder in my case: cd Desktop/TEC/KENBAUER/.
  • Press Enter and then ls.
  • ls will display everything that there is in that folder.
  • Type g++ (name of your program here).
  • Hope for nothing to happen.
  • Type ./a.out
  • Voilà!


All right! Now that the rules of the game have been told, we can start playing.

Hello World!!!

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This is the first program I make with C++. It is very simple, and it’s like the “Ritual of Iniciation” in the programming world. You only have to understand simple concepts to make it happen. For example, to print or read informatio during the execution of the program, you need to write the line #include … Continue reading Hello World!!!

Hello World!! aleluya!!

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Honestly I didn’t try to do it during the first week of class cause… I was REALLY LOST about the complete class!!!! But today the Holly Spirt (and Ken) comes to me, and now I know what I’m doing. First I write my code in Atom. (I just copied from my friend’s blog, Oscar)

hwphotoThen I try to comply in Cygwin, but I didn’t have idea how to do it, so I ask for help to Ken, and guess what? IT DOESN’T RUN! He told me that maybe it wasn’t installed correctly, so I have to reinstall and then retry, and again I don’t have idea what Ken did the first time so he taught me that wonderful thing HISTORY! And finally here is my HELLO WORLD.



The Birth of a Programmer

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Hello everybody! It feels good to have a blog, though it feels even better to be blogging about something so interesting… That’s right, programming. I had programmed before this course but I forgot most of it so I’m counting this as a fresh start.

A couple of days ago I wrote my first baby program, yes you guessed it, “Hello World!”. I remembered a bit of the programming language needed to do this but I forgot some details so I read the first chapters of our course book, I made some research and boom! I had my code.

I find this coding tradition really special because you do get really excited when you get it right and your code runs smoothly.

Cheers everyone!

PD. Here is the screenshot of the written code and of the program already run.

Captura de pantalla (2).png

Finally! Hello World!

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I’ve been trying to run hello world for a week but couldn’t. I’ve followed the instructions my teacher gave me, actually he made a YouTube tutorial and was easy to follow, but still, I couldn’t run “Hello World”!, I started to panic and call my brother for help. He said my code was fine and probably was the programs that were not fully installed. Guess what! It was true. My teacher helped me to install Cygwin correctly and I can run the code now. I’m so happy now!

Here is my code and the result after so much struggling:


The code:

#include <iostream>
using namespace std;
int main ()
cout << endl << “Hello World ” << endl;
return 0;

Hello world to you

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Greetings! You may be asking yourself a few things: “Why did you make this blog and then took a year to upload anything? Why are you posting stuff about programming when we want cursors?! Why does my bank statement list the purchase of several hundred pounds of ammonium nitrate from eBay?!”

Don’t worry folks, I’m finally going to upload stuff in a semi-regular basis if we are all lucky, plus you can use what you’ll learn about programming to create you favourite things ever: Colorful, sparkly cursors.

To start us off I’ll share with you the perfect cursor for the occasion: The spinning question-mark box cursor.


Now I shall show you what a “Hello World!” program looks like in C++:


I look forward to enlighten your life with the computer personalization of the future.