Week 07 – Guest Speaker

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Guest Speaker

This week we will be joined on Thursday by Dr. Cam Macdonell and he will talk to us about Python, GitHub and perhaps how to connect Python to Twitter.

You can read a recent article about how Cam worked with the Edmonton Public Libraries on a project with his computer science students.

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This Week’s Tasks

Remember that you should already have done your research on who Kent Beck is so that we can all ask him questions this week (Tuesday mostly) in our “Ask Me Anything” that he setup for us on Facebook.

Kent Beck Ask Me Anything
Kent Beck Ask Me Anything

Keep plugging away on your mastery topics.

Meetings with Ken

Remember that Ken has a very flexible schedule (there are those two words again) for you to meet with him outside of class as well as in class time. You can (and should 3 times per semester minimum) make an appointment to meet with Ken one-on-one. Use the scheduling system for that https://kenbauer.youcanbook.me/index.jsp

Weekly Video

Going to take a break on the weekly videos and see about creating the requested videos. I have requests so far for:

  • GitHub and how to use it
  • Ubuntu Bash shell for Windows 10
  • Any other requests? Contact Ken via Twitter using the hashtag #TC1019

Have a Great Week!

Keep working on your deliverables and ask myself and your colleagues for help via Twitter, email or perhaps you could try the Slack that I setup for anyone with an “@itesm.mx” address.

What Happened to Week 06?

Good question….

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