TC1019 Aug-Dec 2016 Review

First of all, lemme say THANK YOU Ken, for being such an awesome teacher. You are being innovative and have done what no other in Tec. 

My first class with Ken was Fundamentals of Programming almost three years ago, he always had these flipped learning ideas and education methods, but he adhered more to the standard teaching model that we are all used to. There were "normal" classes, "normal" exams and "normal" evaluations; maybe because of the nature of that course (?).

This semester, Ken has gone full #FlippedLearning, and I like it. Twitter is a very good idea for students to be connected and being able to simply "tweet" a new blog post (made when and were students are most comfortable) is very cool. Using a private hosting for the course rather than boring, old blackboard is nice, as more interactive features can be enabled, I like to see how classmates' posts begin to show up in the dashboard. Also, promoting new ways of communication such as Slack is very useful, now I see it everywhere, it happens like the Baader-Meinhof Phenomenon.

As a teacher, or rather, enabler for education, Ken is always trying to help his students succeed and everyone should at least once have a one-on-one talk to absorb personally the knowledge he has to offer. He is very acquainted with software and the industry standards.

Lastly, the course contents have served me as general culture, and are actually useful now that I started working. Had it not been for what I learned here, I would be lost when they mentioned the words "agile development", "scrum" or "stand-up meeting".

Thank you Ken and continue what you're doing :)