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Home - OpenFlip Winter 2016
An Open and Connected Course for Faculty Development

Started January 25, 2016. Registration is still open.


For signup for this course as well as to view previous instances, go to the main site at http://kenscourses.com/openflip/ or just use the form to the right to join the email list about the course.

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Recommend video viewing to help understand the format of this course.

Executive Summary

This is a fully online course which will introduce you the to four pillars of Flipped Learning. The participants will be expected to contribute their reflections on Flipped Learning in writing and through video as well as commenting with the other participants in the class. Anyone can participate here and you will get out of this what you put in.

Course Dates

Course start date is Monday January 25th and will run for 8 weeks (approximately), see the Schedule menu for more. We will start with a week zero and you can join in (or drop out) anytime you want.