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Photo of Ken in 2014

Ken Bauer

Web Weaver, lead instructor

Ken created and manages this site and is leading the first version of this Open Course on Flipped Learning.

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Luis Miguel García

#OpenFlip 2016 Contributor


Luis Miguel is seeking to have contents available in Spanish too. He is also eager to encourage the interaction among participants!

Luis Miguel has been flipping his classroom since 2014.

Follow Luis Miguel on Twitter at @grumetepirata

Yolanda in Chicago

Yolanda Cham

#OpenFlip 2015 Translator

Somehow Yolanda got volunteered to translate Ken's English into Spanish for #OpenFlip Winter 2015 and we appreciate that.

Yolanda has been flipping her classroom since 2014.

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Or You

YouTube Master


Likes to Comment

Commenter Queen


Perhaps You

Community Wrangler

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