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Schedule - OpenFlip Winter 2016
An Open and Connected Course for Faculty Development

Schedule - Start Date is January 25, 2016

Weekly Layout

The general layout for each week is as follows. Each week's schedule will be outlined in the page for that week's unit so this is a general idea of the "flow" of the course. All times are Guadalajara which is the same as Central Standard Time during the schedule of the course.

  • Monday: The weekly assignment will be released as well as a short video about the week.
  • Tuesday-Sunday: Reflect on the content of the week and start publishing your blog post and video. Remember you can go back and edit blog post anytime and we encourage you to comment on other participant's blogs. Post earlier in the week to drive more traffic to your blog.
  • Wednesday (morning) and Thursday (evening): Wednesday morning (10am-10:30am) and Thursday evening (7pm-7:30pm) We will have Google Hangout Sessions with invited guests (and yourselves) on the weekly topic. We plan a "daytime/afternoon" session and a later evening session to help accommodate varying agendas. These will be recorded live (please participate in the chat and/or over Twitter) as well as archived for viewing later."
  • Friday: Office Hours" with Ken in person on campus and recorded via Google Hangout for distant participants. Scheduled from 3pm-3:30pm
  • Sunday/Monday(noon): Post your weekly submission BEFORE noon on Monday of the previous week work. If you can post earlier that is even better to generate conversations.
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Week 0 - Setup

Week starting January 25. In the first week we will ensure that you have all the tools necessary to advance in the seminar.

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Week 1 - Pillar 1

Week starting February 1st. The first pillar is Flexible Environment.

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Week 2 - Pillar 2

Week starting February 8th. The second pillar is Learning Environment.

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Week 3 - Pillar 3

Week starting February 15th. The third pillar is Intentional Content.

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Week 4 - Pillar 4

Week starting February 22nd. The fourth pillar is Professional Educator.

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Week Five/Six - Flipped Lesson

Weeks of February 29th and March 7th. After reviewing the four pillars of Flipped Learning, you will design a Flipped Lesson for the class of your choice.

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creative commons licensed (BY) flickr photo by Ludovico Sinz [Cane Rosso (busy!)]: http://flickr.com/photos/cane_rosso/2064850639
Week 7 - Wrap Up

Week of March 14th. In this final week we will review what we have learned and discuss plans of where to go next on our own journeys in #flipclass.

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Not quite sure yet?

Why not check out our about page which explains the content and design of the course/seminar.

For information on getting yourself setup for the course check out our get started page.

Both of those pages contain a form to request more information and register so we can contact you when the course is ready.

CC BY 4.0 Schedule by Ken Bauer is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.