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About - OpenFlip Winter 2016
An Open and Connected Course for Faculty Development

Introduction to Flipped Learning Course

Executive Summary

This is a fully online course which will introduce you the to four pillars of Flipped Learning. The participants will be expected to contribute their reflections on Flipped Learning in writing and through video as well as commenting with the other participants in the class. Anyone can participate here and you will get out of this what you put in.

Course Dates

Course start date is Monday January 25th and will run for 8 weeks (approximately), see the Schedule menu for more. We will start with a week zero and you can join in (or drop out) anytime you want.

Time Requirement

We expect the course to run over a period of six to eight weeks and require a total time commitment of 30 to 40 hours total over the entire course. This course is a combination of asynchronous and synchronous. You control your time to post the assignments (written and video) but we will also be holding weekly video chat sessions using Google Hangouts Online (GHO).  Participation in the weekly GHO is optional but highly encouraged.

Credit for Course

I am offering this open course in my own time, if you would like credit for this course towards professional development I can do my best to provide an email about your participation recommending 40 hours of PD credit and a certificate of completion.

History of this Course

For more detail (and to register), see the landing page at http://kenscourses.com/openflip/

Some of you may have taken the course on Flipped Learning which I gave for faculty (Tecnológico de Monterrey - RZO)  in the summer 2014  or the Fall 2014 session (Tecnológico de Monterrey, Campus Guadalajara). I plan to offer this course again system wide for the Tecnológico de Monterrey and also open the course/seminar to anyone that wants to participate. There are two goals for the course:

  • offer an introduction to Flipped Learning.
  • Give people an experience in a Connected Course #CCourses

I would like to do this as a Connected Course which means each “student” controls their own content on a blog platform (I am flexible which each student uses) and I aggregate all of their posts/submissions to assignments on a central hub.

I am doing this right now for my undergradate level introductory courses in computer programming (TC1014 and TC1017) this semester (see http://kenbauer.withknown.com/2014/saying-goodbye-to-my-lms and  http://blog.kenbauer.me/2015/01/11/a-new-hope/ )

Experience outside Tecnológico de Monterrey

There is a community of educators doing these types of courses. See the DS106 site for an excellent example: http://ds106.us/
The community of educators working on this from a pedagogical perspective as well as an implementation (ie: plumbing) perspective are also working together here: http://connectedcourses.net/

How to Join Us

For more detail (and to register for the mail list), see the front page of the course. Then head over to "Getting Started".



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