WSQ02 – Temperature (fahrenheit to celsius).

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Hello friends !

For this task , my classmates and I were instructed to create a program that will prompt the user for a temperature in Fahrenheit and them convert it to Celsius. The formula that made the conversion possible was  C = 5 ∗ (F − 32)/9  (where F = Fahrenheit).

The resources that helped me were:
-How to think like a computer scientist.

I added some extra steps to show more information to the user , depending on the number (x) given , like if:

-Water boils at x temperature.

-Water is in its solid state, ice.

-Water, in its solid state, becomes liquid due to its melting point.

-Water does not boil at this temperature.

It was a fun and entertaining task.

Atom code
Ubuntu bash


WSQ02 – Boiling Water

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The Task

Create a program that converts farentheit degrees into celsisus degrees and explains if the conditions are proper for water to boil.

The Process

The Code

#include <iostream>
using namespace std;

int main()
int degress;
cout<<“Give me a temperature in Farenheit degrees: “<<endl;
degrres = 5*(degrees − 32)/9; //Conversion from Farenheit to Celcius
cout<<“Your temperature in Celcius degrees is: “<<degrees<<“°C”<<endl;
cout<<“Water does boil at this temperature (under typical conditions)”<<endl;
cout<<“Water does not boil at this temperature (under typical conditions)”<<endl;
return 0;

The topics

#Use of conditional if


Keep it up!

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I wonder how many times I said “I’ll woke up at 3:00 to do the homework”, well I actually  did it this time, haha. Continuing with the programs, this time I got more comfortable with C++ because I found some similarities with C# and with that I didn’t had any problem with the code.


P.S I actually didn’t upload the images because i don’t know how, please don’t laugh :c

*Link to the code:

WSQ 02 Temperature

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Fahrenheit to Celsius Converter. The user gives the Fahrenheit value, the program converts it to Celsius and if it is above 100 degrees Celsius, the program tells the user that water will boil at that temperature, otherwise it will tell the user that water will not boil at room temperature.

This program was easy as there is a formula to convert Fahrenheit to Celsius. I didn’t need any libraries so I only included #include


int main() {

float tempF;
float tempC;

std::cout << “Fahrenheit to Celsius Converter” << ‘\n’;

std::cout << “Enter temperature in Fahrenheit: ” << ‘\n’; std::cin >> tempF;

tempC = 5 * (tempF – 32) / 9;

std::cout << “A temperature of ” << tempF << ” degrees Fahrenheit is ” << tempC << ” degrees Celsius.” << ‘\n’; if (tempC > 100) {
std::cout << “Water would boil at this temperature.” << ‘\n’;
} else {
std::cout << “Water would not boil at this temperature. (25C and 1atm)” << ‘\n’;

return 0;



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The assignment was about asking for a temperature in Fahrenheit and with a formula convert it to Celsius, then tell the user if the water will boil or not.

What I did was to ask for the number, then apply this formula: C = 5 ∗ (F − 32)/9. And finally using an if, tell the user if the water boils or not (Temperature in Celsius>=100 it boils)

wsq02-atom wsq02-terminal

Temperature #WSQ02

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I did this program a week ago but I’m uploading it now, sorry. This program was easy to do. First you declare your variables, like in any program, then you start. Ask the user for the temperature in Fahrenheit and with the simple operation of “celsius=5*(fahr32)/9;” you convert the temp into Celsius. The next part was to print, depending of the temperature, if waters boils or not. I made that with an IF and ELSE. Here’s the code:


And this is the program running:



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The objective of this program is to convert temperature in Fahrenheit to Celsius, and will also tell  you the state of the water at that temperature. Here’s the code:

#include <iostream>

using namespace std;

int main ()
int f, c, w;

cout<<“Introduce the temperature in Fahrenheit and I will convert it to Celsius.”<<endl;
cout<<“I will also tell you the state of water at that temperature.”<<endl;
cout<<“The temperature in Celius is “<<c<<“.”<<endl;
if (c>=100)
cout<<“Water is at its boiling temperature.”<<endl;
else if (c==4)
cout<<“Water is at its maximum density.”<<endl;
else if (c<100 && c>0)
cout<<“Water is not yet at its boiling temperature.”<<endl;
else if (c<=0)
cout<<“Water is at its freezing temperature.”<<endl;
return 0;


WSQ02 Temperature

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Write a program that will prompt the user for a temperature in Fahrenheit and then convert it to Celsius. You may recall that the formula is C = 5 ∗ (F − 32)/9.

Modify the program to state whether or not water would boil at the temperature given. Your output might look like the following.


First we name the variables of f and c for the two types of grades respectively, then we gave the task of assigning the formula of the conversion to the variable c in order to convert the degrees Farhenheit to Celcius, we use a condition statement for when the result of The conversion gave a result greater than 100, write a message to inform us that it is boilingcaptura-de-pantalla-2017-02-01-a-las-18-51-39


#include <iostream>
using namespace std;
int main() {
int F,C;
std::cout << “dame la temperatura en grados Farhenheit” << ‘\n’;
std::cin >> F;
C = 5*(F-32)/9;
std::cout << “la temperatura de ” <<F<< “grados Farhenheit en grados celcius es:” <<C<< ‘\n’;
if (C>100) {
std::cout << “el agua esta hirviendo compadre!!!” << ‘\n’;
}else {
std::cout << “el agua no hierve” << ‘\n’;
return 0;

Homework 2: Temperature

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Now our task was to biuld a program that convert the temperature mesures from Fahrenheit to Celsius degrees, and at the same time indicate if the water boils at the given temperature. It was necessary a few calculations, cout commands and some conditionals to make it work, being this the result: #include <iostream> using namespace … Continue reading Homework 2: Temperature