Facebook and Cambridge Analytica

--Originally published at Stories by Dennis Kingston on Medium

When elections come, we want them to be very objective and just for every candidate. That was not the case on 2016 when Donald Trump won the presidency of the United States of America against Hillary Clinton who was on the democrat party.

Nowadays social media play an important role when making campaigns for upcoming elections. One example is that there are many bots on social networks like Facebook and Twitter, which can be programmed to support a candidate and aim to change the perspective of some people, so that they vote in favour or against the candidate.

When Donald Trump won the presidency, many people believed that the elections were sabotaged by the Russian government. We don’t know if that’s true, but we do know that Facebook played an important role by selling personal information from their users to a company called Cambridge Analytica which collaborated with Donald Trump’s campaign.

For me, this is very disgusting from Facebook and I consider it a felony, it had very important influence on the US elections and because of that, I think the elections were not fair enough.

Today, Mexico is preparing for presidential elections on this summer, and I wouldn’t want social media to intervene on them. Although it is almost impossible that this happens, we Mexicans, would like the elections to be as fair as possible because as many might know, Mexico is having a very bad time on subjects like economy and security, and that is why we would like the elections to be as transparent as possible.