Rubber Ducky

--Originally published at Stories by Dennis Kingston on Medium

A month ago, on our course of Security, some classmates made a presentation about a USB that could take control of your computer in less that a second. I found it pretty interesting and that is why I’m going to talk about the Rubber Ducky.

Nowadays, is very important to know that USB’s are becoming an important weapon for cracking. This is why you need to have precautions when plugging in a USB to any computer. (It can be a Rubber Ducky)

The Rubber Ducky is a coded keyboard that once it is plugged in, it starts writing whichever commands were coded, on the terminal in order to have permissions to files, and in those movements, start listening to everything you do on your computer.

Finally I would like to remark that security is very important and we should make people more conscious about this subject, because I think there are a lot of people that don’t know this basic concepts and could lead them to be cracked and maybe lose information or be stolen their personal info.

If you want to know more about the Rubber Ducky: