Software Review

Software review is the process in which a team, users or customers examine a software product! Types of Reviews: Peer Reviews: Your team or colleagues help check your software! Code Review Pair Programing Inspection Management Reviews: Your BOSSES check your software! Audit Reviews: You pay a third party to check your software to evaluate it according to standards and contractual agreements! IEE 1028 . [Entry evaluation]: The Review Leader uses a standard checklist of entry criteria to ensure that optimum conditions exist for a successful review. 1. Management preparation: Responsible management ensure that the review will be appropriately resourced with staff, time, […]

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V&V Tools

Version Control! Version control is THE MOST important tool to me, it allows you to collaborate with your team and merge code “easily”. Local Version Contorls Pretty much pasting the project in a stable state to another folder and holding on to it for reference. Centralized Version Controls A server stores the stable versions of the software and different team members check out files from there! My top Version Controls Tools! GIT Widelly Used! Super Popular Super Easy BITBUCKET Not soooo popular Harder to get into More professional

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Software Testing

Testing, testing, testing! Software Testing is a method to check whether the actual software product matches expected requirements and to ensure that software product has no defects! Software Testing is Important because if there are any bugs or errors in the software, it can be identified early and can be solved before delivery of the software product. Benefits of Software Testing: Cost-Effective Ensures Quality Ensures Satisfaction Types of Testing! Functional Testing: Unit Testing Integration Testing Smoke UAT Localization Globalization Non Functional Testing: Performance Endurance Load Volume Scalability Usability Maintenance: Regression Maintenance Unit Testing: This software testing approach is followed by the programmer […]

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Software Validation and Verification

Verification and Validation: People sometimes tend to confuse the definition of verification and validation, so i´ll explain it as simply as possible. Verification is making the things right! We have to check if what we are doing complies with our quality standards! Basically, if it works. Validation is making the right things! Here are some examples of V&V: Requirement Definition: Validation : Are these requirements what the client needs? Verification: Are the requirements doable? Are they unique? Don´t do what you´re not supposed to, do what the client needs, and has been defined and validated. V&V Planning What we need […]

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Models and Standards for Software Process Improvement

CMMI CMMI has focuses on 3 specific areas: Product and Service Development, Service Establishment and Management and Product and Service Acquisition. TSP/PSP PSP stands for Personal Software Process, and it´s a work model that will help developers define their own processes, plan an give follow up to their own work, and administrate the quality of their product! TSP stands for Team Software Process, it enfasizes on teamwork, how to form teams undestanding each members strenghts and weaknesses. Common goals are formed, and plans are made using appropriate leadership :). ISO-15504 ISO-15504 is a reference model used to assess a team´s […]

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Software Quality

What is Software Quality? Software quality can be defined as how well your software applies to the desirable characteristics of software, based on measurable attributes. Software quality works on how the software is developed, taking into account development time, productivity and quality time to develop new and better development methods or techniques. It is better to do something right the first time than it is to go back and fix problems. Various measures can be taken to ensure that our software is correct and has the standards that we need can be taken, such as: 1- Testing as you go […]

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¿Qué es MERN?

Sobre MERN MERN es una combinación de varias tecnologías basadas en JavaScript para crear aplicaciones web más avanzadas usando MongoDB, Express, React.js y Node.js. Su principal ventaja es que toda la programación es hecha en Javascript, un lenguaje utilizado casi universalmente. MongoDB Es una base de datos NoSQL, no es necesario trabajar con relaciones ni esquemas como en SQL, nos da varias ventajas contra las bases de datos relacionales porque nos da mucho mejor rendimiento por su flexibilidad. Se usa en conjunto con Node y Express por su facilidad de consulta y conectividad. Express Es un framework de Node.js que […]

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