Mastery Topics

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  1. Software Quality
    1. Defining Software Quality
    2. A focus on process
    3. Ensuring Software Quality
    4. The role of standards in Software Quality
  2. Models and Standards for Software Process Improvement
    1. CMMI
    2. TSP/PSP
    3. ISO-15504
    5. IDEAL method
  3. Verification and Validation of Software (V&V)
    1. V&V in the life cycle of software development
    2. International standards for V&V of Software
    3. Planning V&V
    4. Administration of a V&V Plan
  4. Software Review (Peer Review and/or Code Inspection)
    1. Definition and characteristics of review
    2. Activities and roles for each review
    3. How to review the key work products: plans, requirements, design, and code
  5. Software Testing
    1. Software testing process
    2. Types and levels of testing
    3. Activities and roles in testing
    4. Testing environments
    5. Test Case Design techniques (open and closed views)
    6. Process for control and management of defects in artifacts
  6. Tools for V&V
    1. Tools for version control
    2. Tools for testing
    3. Tools for process administration of V&V