Hands on Virtual Machine

My experience installing and using a Virtual Machine with linux as Operative System…was painful.

I know is pretty useful having a virtual machine for different purposes, even on my diferente classes I have used many times different virtual machines, for example my Networks class 1 and 2, Advanced Programming and so on.

If you need to install a Virtual Machine with linux and you don’t know how, you should check this video, is actually pretty helpful.

Finally one of my biggest mistake was not studying or doing Linux research before using it, I am pretty aware that some people are experts at Linux, but I certainly was not, I was used to Mac and Windows, so I couldn’t install like Sublime Text for example on my Linux Virtual Machine…because I was trying to do it like downloading it from the browser and expecting to just with some clicks install it…

Well after hours of looking up at those files were I couldn’t find the .exe I understood that everything works from TERMINAL!!!!!, and with just a few lines of commands all my apps were installed.

So…always do some research before jumping on deeper and new waters.