First impressions

When I first saw my study plan, I wasn’t sure of what we were going to be learning in this class or didn’t know its purpose. The first week helped me get an idea of what topics we will be looking at this semester. I have to be honest, when I first learned this class was 6 hours a week I was a bit distraught. How can a class require 6 hours of work plus 6 additional hours outside of class? Seemed exaggerated and I still think it is. Thankfully, our teacher explained the course the class is taking and, in my opinion, it makes more sense and seems more helpful than having to sit for 3 hours 2 days of the week to “learn” about quality and testing. I like that most if not all of the second classes of the week will be talks with a guest. This makes the class much more interesting. We get the insight from someone who has much more experience than all of us in the industry and we get to ask them questions. This gives the class a realistic approach and makes the time of class much more tolerable.

This method is especially relieving during the pandemic. There are other teachers who do not change their methods of teaching at all and paying attention becomes even harder in online classes. I’d much rather have the talks and self-learning assignments that this class provides us. In conclusion, my first impressions of the class were good and I hope it continues this way for the rest of the semester.