Software Engineering History

On the 50´s there were few computers,

And even fewer software engineers.

Programs were used by science researchers

And it remained like this for various years.

Programs were only written in Fortran.

Ten years later, Cobol was created

And that’s how business software began.

For software engineers they awaited,

As programming is a difficult task,

And learning the tricks was hard to bask.

And thus it began the “Software Crisis”.

Helpful resources were never enough.

It was a disease without the lyses.

Until they gathered to give it a though.

Engineering principles were applied

To what was thought as just a craft.

They also created a guide

Suggesting the creation of a draft.

Software was made collaborative

Which made it even more creative.

Mini computers worked with Unix

Which was easily programmed with C.

For which they were bought in large units

But the real progress was nowhere to see.

C was creating a huge problem

And it was hard to solve for them.

It was ninety-seventy-five

When microcomputers became cheap.

New languages started to arrive

And technology took a big leap.

Ken Bowles built a text editor,

File system ad debugger for Pascal.

Soon enough he became a creditor;

For fifty dollars he sold them all.

Object-oriented programming

Was created to avoid the jamming.

Tim Berners-Lee wrote a document

Describing archives linked

By hypertext and became opulent.

As the internet was created.

It was not until the nineteen-ninety,

That web browsers were created.

Software creation became free

And did not need to be licensed.

Smartphones and tables became appealing

And the word “cloud” got a whole new meaning.




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