Thank you, Ken Bauer

During this entire course we have been part of the flipped Learning project that Ken Bauer is trying to implement in Tecnológico de Monterrey. Flipped learning consists on students learning by themselves with the help of a teacher. This way, students see the teachers as someone more approachable and feel the need to ask the teacher more questions.


Each topic must be reviewed by the student at home. The basic  information about the topic can be provided by the teacher to impose a small lead. However, the student need to go further than what the teacher them. During class, the students share their discoveries with the teacher and pronounce their doubts.


In my opinion, these systems works perfectly fine as I believe I have learned more this way. Here, you are encouraged to keep learning even when the topic has already been reviewed in class. I usually read the information for class, but to the blog posts at last minute. This way, I can reread what I found earlier and even look for more information regarding on something I have missed before. And in case I have any doubt, I can always ask Ken, even if we were supposed to have discussed the topic a month ago.


Here is a video of some of my classmates and I,  giving our reviews on the curse: