--Originally published at My TC1017 programming class

So, the way I see SciLab is like an excell on steroids. SciLab is a tool that allows you to input data and do mathematical operations with it. At the same time, it allows for the user to graph such inputs, either in 2D or even in 3D.

I believe that as a future engineer, SciLab will be a great tool to make data analysis and to understand in graphs what happens.

Being honest, I did not download SciLab on my PC, since I am still figuring out how to properly connect my SSD into my Laptop. I read the manuls, and saw this video explaining the very basics of SciLab.

I will leave the links to both the manual and the program Download. here is a video made by YouTube user UTTU in which the very basics are explained.

Download Page

PDF Manual



TC1017 Review

--Originally published at My TC1017 programming class

So, my TC1017 class. This is s small review I mad eon video, but I will also write my general thoughts here.

The class, overall, was a new experience for me. I realized that this type of learning is a good idea, but not for everyone. In my case, I found it a little difficult to learn this way, beacuse I did not have enough interest to actually make the effort of learning, so I had to ask the teacher several times to teach me.

I would suggest for everyone to try a class like this, because it will definitely help you know yourself a little better.

Steering away from the way the class worked, and moving towards the class and its contents, it was fine. I liked programming in c++, since it is quite a simple language, and allows you to do some awesome stuff.

In conclusion, I would recommend taking class with Mr. Ken, though, you should be prepared for his way of teaching, and at the same time, be willing to make the effort to learn by yourself.


Calculating E

--Originally published at My TC1017 programming class

So, this is a program that calculates the value of e (Euler’s number) with the precision the user wants. As well, I added so that the user can also tell the program how many decimals he wants to be shown on the answer.

As usual, I will leave the link to the cpp file on Google Drive. This time, I didn’t use external sources besided Mr. Ken’s help and the web page giving the formula on how to calculate it. The link to the formula is included on the file.

Here is the file.

Go Bananas

--Originally published at My TC1017 programming class

This is a program that takes a file that has the word ‘Banana’ written on it in several styles (Upper case mixed with lower case, everything in upper case, etc.)

Most of the informatin on the tools used is in the file, because I lost the links to the information. Sorry :/

As always, I will leave the link to the Google Drive File.

Bananas CPP File