Our Project “Galgenmännchen(Ahorcado)”

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Well this came out from a post of my teammate, my brother Victor Castillo and this would be an excited game beacuse it would help to improve your language to a new level, yeah i´m talking about german. this overused game would be in german for all those student that want to learn more than 2 languages so when we have this game finished we will published so you can play and learn too.




How I started in C++

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The first thing I did was google a bit about C++. From WSQ 00 I knew that I needed a bash/terminal and a program to edit. In Mac, you already have one, but in Windows you have to download one. So I went to Finder and in search I typed Terminal.

Then I went to Google and looked for Atom and just click on Download!

Screen Shot 2017-09-15 at 7.54.13 PM

After that you are ready to program ?