Final project

--Originally published at Solving problems with programming

As i promised we have finished the best hangedman of the history with words in German, because the purpose of the program is to learn and study some basic German.

Here is the code if you want to improve something or if you want to study too.


Snake game

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When I came up with the idea, I really believed that I was going to be easy. But only by doing research of what I needed I has a headache, the program uses a library named <conio.h> which only is able for windows (correct me if I am wrong), because of that, the program won’t run in a Mac. But, I tried it on another laptop that was not mine, and it work pretty good.

The link to the code is in here.

Our Project “Galgenmännchen(Ahorcado)”

--Originally published at Solving problems with programming

Well this came out from a post of my teammate, my brother Victor Castillo and this would be an excited game beacuse it would help to improve your language to a new level, yeah i´m talking about german. this overused game would be in german for all those student that want to learn more than 2 languages so when we have this game finished we will published so you can play and learn too.