Programming with Ken Bauer

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During this semester more than learning to program in C++ , I learned about being responsable of my tasks, studying even if the exam doesn’t worth points and looking for information by myself instead of going to class and hear the teacher speaking for an hour and a half, I was able to do all this because of the teaching method of Ken Bauer, my teacher for TC1017 Fall 2017, I’m in first semester of college and I really think this way of learning is better because it’s more like life, nobody is going to be there telling you what do everytime, you got to do thing by yourself even if you don´t have idea of how, in this time is very easy to find usefull content, contact people and learn throught many different plataforms and this course is a very good way to practice that.

Setting my own grade makes me think about my work and ask me if deserve a good grade and this motivates me to work hard and be sure that I should get a good grade.




WSQ13 – Learning about SciLab

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This WSQ is a little bit different from the other ones, this time Ken asked us to download SciLab and check it out to see how it can be useful for our life and tasks in college, I “played” a little bit with the console and then I created a little script that solves a physics problem, I assigned some variables and created the formula. I really liked SciLab specially for physics and also I would like to learn more about graphing and applying math with it.

Screen Shot 2017-11-19 at 2.00.23 PM



WSQ12 Calculating “e” with precision “x”

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For this WSQ I used some previous learning from the Factorial WSQ, I used the function for calculating factorial because I is part of the process for calculating “e”. The WSQ wasn’t really hard, just about understanding “e” and figuring out how to work with the precision.

Here is a ss of my program and how it works:

Screen Shot 2017-11-19 at 2.02.16 PM

You can find my full code here:

The normal consult book: “How to Think Like a Computer Scientist, C++ Version”, Downey, Allen B. 2012.

Some information about the “e”:úmero_e



Ken’s Courses

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I whole heartedly recommend taking classes with Ken, he is the best teacher I’ve ever had! His teaching method is alternative, different than the other methods that are used in Mexico, but definitetly better. He gives his students a lot of freedom and makes sure to have reasonable and comfortable deadlines for every homework, task, and project. He lets you set your own grade within reason by proving that you deserve it. Most importantly, more than a teacher he’s your coach, because he cares and keeps an eye on you in every path you take without imposing his way of doing things. He will help you with everything and anything you need, and not just about class. He’s just the best♥


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El euler es uno de los números irracionales mas importantes, el problema de euler es que al igual que pi es numero infinito, entonce nuestro labor fue calcular los decimales el numero de veces necesaria por medio de una suma infinita.

La actividad numero 12 fue mas simple de lo que esperaba el único problema que tuve fue que me falto  hacer un calculo que en código le llamo fact, pues había hecho de manera correcta la función de calcular e pero me faltaba eso por eso estaba incorrecto mi código.  Lo que me ayudo mucho a entender el código que utiliza una suma infinita fue este vídeo el cual recomiendo mucho.



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Me pareció muy interesante y sencillo este programa, pues es muy fácil correr el programa ademas es un lenguaje muy sencillo. Ademas me pareció muy bien que tengo la posibilidad de realizar gráficas abajo dejo mi fuente de consulta y mis pequeñas practicas hechas en scilap.

Temas de dominio:

Análisis de datos con herramientas (para determinar qué herramienta, probablemente SciLab)

Visualización de datos con herramientas

Haga click para ver el pase de diapositivas.



Yo soy 196

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Finalmente termine esta práctica, que en mi opinion fue la mas retadora de todas, aunque realmente con una visita en la oficina de mi profesor Ken supe que es lo que tenia que hacer y a partir de ahí todo fue prueba y error, también gracias a la ayuda de mis compañeros que me explicaron las funciones nuevas que teníamos que usar fue que logre completar este WSQ con éxito. Abajo incluyo mi enlace del archivo .cpp.

Temas de dominio:

Cuando usar qué tipo de repetición en un programa

Haga click para ver el pase de diapositivas.

Enlace código .cpp:

Formatting of a Windows Computer

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Thats a blog post for two courses of Ken. TC1017 & TC 2027.

The reason why i took this topic is first of all, that Ken talked a lot in this semester about reason why we should Format a computer. Reasons are, that a student clicks a lot of times not serious links or just download a lot of trash to the computer. The result is most of the time a super slow computer. A computer which worked 1000 times slower than the first day of using.


An other reason is a personal reason. I guess i am one of the students, which did a lot of mistakes with clicking links and download trash. So why i post this is, i just Format one time in my life a computer by my own. I just want to do that again. To learn how it works and to rescue my lovely Surface 4 🙂


To the operative work:

It is super easy to format a Windows computer nowadays.

The first step is to safe all your Datas, which you not want to lose. But important is, to realize that maybe movies, music or other stuff from strange websites could be the reason why a computer is not running like it should. So think twice if you also want to safe all the trash!

The reason for the first step is, that the computer will be empty after the process for Formatting.

Now the steps

  1. Simultaneously press the [Windows] and [R] keys to open the Run command.
  2. Enter „diskmgmt.msc“ here and confirm with „OK“. Subsequently, the disk management opens.
  3. Select the desired hard disk from the list and click on it with the right mouse button.
  4. Select the option „Format“ and confirm the process via the „OK“ button.
  5. Then the hard
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