Faulty HDD

--Originally published at My TC1017 programming class

So, I have noticed just how many people have damaged Hard Drives, and they don’t know it, thinking it could be because their PC is old, or because they have other software related isssues.

So, seeing how this is a common problom, I will try to speak of my experience on how to detect it, and fix it.

A computer teacher told me, a super fast (and not so reliable) test, is to see how much your disk is working. So, to do this, search for  the Task Manager, then go into Performace. The PC will show real time graphs of the usage of each component of your computer. Close all the apps that you might have running, and look at the Disk chart. If it is NEVER below 50%, you might have damage. I like to wait for a good 10 seconds and see what happens, as well as to take the minimum to be 90%.

Another good way of noticing is checking for noices on your PC. If for some reason you laptop sounds like a 90’s computer when starting up, most likely, you HDD is damaged.

But, the best way of knowing, is running tests on you HDD. In the case of HP and Acer computers, they have programs that can run tests.

I will leave videos on how to do an overall check of your HDD, including the one for HP and Acer laptops.

Tests for HDD

To run a SMART test, open the Command Prompt (Search for it on the search option, or press WindosR, and type cmd)

Command for SMART Test: wmic diskdrive get status


(All credit goes to the respective owners of each video)

TC1017 Review

--Originally published at My TC1017 programming class

So, my TC1017 class. This is s small review I mad eon video, but I will also write my general thoughts here.

The class, overall, was a new experience for me. I realized that this type of learning is a good idea, but not for everyone. In my case, I found it a little difficult to learn this way, beacuse I did not have enough interest to actually make the effort of learning, so I had to ask the teacher several times to teach me.

I would suggest for everyone to try a class like this, because it will definitely help you know yourself a little better.

Steering away from the way the class worked, and moving towards the class and its contents, it was fine. I liked programming in c++, since it is quite a simple language, and allows you to do some awesome stuff.

In conclusion, I would recommend taking class with Mr. Ken, though, you should be prepared for his way of teaching, and at the same time, be willing to make the effort to learn by yourself.


Project Update (Plot twist…)

--Originally published at My TC1017 programming class

So, about the project Valeria and I were going to do, we decided to give up on that one. Reason being, that it required a little more time than what we had, so we had to come up with a new idea that was simple enough for us to work fast, but no so that Mr. Ken would tell us not to.

We came up with the idea of making a Sudoku, but er soon realized it was not as simple as we thought. Then, we moved up to a Tic Tac Toe. It turns out that it was not as simple as I thought, so we decided to go for it.

About the game, Valeria made the table, and a function that would make sure the user wrote the correct input. In my opinion, probably the hardest part of the game.

Then, I made sure that the program recognized who won (if any), and allow the players to chose if they wanted to replay or not. At the same time, I wanted to make the file an executable, but I couldn’t since the Ubuntu Terminal runs in a Linux environment.

Without any more waiting, I (as always) will put the link to the Google Drive file.