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You can either use a cloud based programming solution and/or setup on your own computer.

Online Cloud Setup

  • First you will need Ken to send you an invitation to your email account.

On your computer setup


You will need a code editor, I recommend Atom but you can use any other code editor. Examples that other students have used are: SublimeNotepad++EmacsVimGEdit.

Bash Terminal

You will need a bash terminal. If you are on a Mac or Linux, you already have this.

After you do one of the videos below (Ubuntu on WIndows OR Cygwin), you want to do a Hello World in C++ like this:

If you are using Windows 10, you should follow these instructions from HowToGeek. I made a video this evening as well that may help.

If you are using Windows 7 or 8, then you will want to use Cygwin. This video should help you setup Cygwin and C++.

Social Media

We need to make a choice on which Social Media platform to use in order to keep us connected.

WordPress and GitHub

You should have already created your own blog (Ken recommends WordPress) and a GitHub account. Once you have done that *and* created a first post (and removed the default WordPress posts) please register your blog for this course. There is a link for that at the top of our course site.

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