Design is everything


While I was doing a research abour sofware design, I found a really interesting article by Jack Reeves, who describes a new perspective about this topic.

What do we think about when we hear software design? Well, I think about design patterns and diagrams, which it’s okay. But the article says something different that I like more.

In the software lifecycle we have design, implementation, testing,… And the coding part seems to be in the software implementation, but with extreme programming everything changes, because while you’re implementing you also design, then test, redesign, and so on.

The author of the article says that “real software runs on computers[…] it is not a program listing in C++”. That means the program itself represent a software design. Makes sense? So, practically every sept of a software project is part of the design process.

This idea matches the one discussed in my post about software being an engineering or a craft. The important thing is to know that the real purpose is to help people accomplishing a task.