Introduction to Programming Python and C++

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Doing this WSQ was more or less hard for me, the difficult part was that I did not find the correct iformation about images and I found an spanish blog about images. The program did not run on my computer because I had to reinstall python by using cygwin and Ken said me it was ok […]


Doing this quiz was really hard for me because I’m still having trouble with strings and the instructions for question 1 wasn’t clear for me, but anyway I did the quiz. Here’s the code in Atom for question 1: Here’s the code in Atom for question 2: Here’s the code in Cygwin for question 1: […]

#WSQ14-Estimating e

Doing this WSQ was more or less easy for me, because it was kind of the same as the last WSQ but the difference was that the user should gave the estimation of the decimals of e and that was the tough part. Here’s the code in Atom: Here’s the code in Cygwin: I got […]

#ECOS #TC101

The ECOS are really important for the community of Tec de Monterrey, because this tool helps teachers and administrators to give the best they can so that we the students can be comfortable with the performance of the teachers and administrators. Here’s a picture of the ECOS:

#WSQ13-Babylonian Method

Doing this WSQ was more or less hard for me, because first I did not find an acceptable website for knowing how the babylonian calculated the square root, and then because I couldn’t find a way to end the loop. My friend Carlos Guerrero and my teacher Ken Bauer helped me. Here’s the code in […]

#WSQ12-Greatest Common Divisor

Doing this WSQ was really easy for me, the only difficult part was that I didn’t remember how to do the greatest common divisor of two numbers, so I searched in youtube for an example. Here’s the code in Atom: Here’s the code in Cygwin: Here’s the video that helped me to do this:

#WSQ11-Yo soy 196

This WSQ has been the toughest one, it was really difficult for me to do this assignment. First I had kind of the idea of the program, but it didn’t work so I went to Ken’s office to help me, he told me to make an algorithm and I did it, I tried to run […]

Masteries Second Partial

While and For loops: 19.-Use of loops with “while” 20.-Use of loops with “for” Lists: 23.-Creation and use of lists in Python Validated User Input: 29.-Validated user input in Python

#Quiz 08

On this quiz I had to do a program that get the dot product between the elements of two lists, the tough part was to do the part of ‘NaN’ and that indicates that both lists had to have the same lenght in order to run it. Here’s the Quiz:

#Quiz 07

On this quiz I had to make two programs, one was a fibonacci calculator and the other one was a program that calculates the distace between two points in the cartesian plane. The difficult part on this program was (IN ALL PROGRAMS) to transform what I want to do to the program to the program […]

What should you work on?

Week #12 and more partial exams for you.

For this week's readings:
C++ (TC1017) should either be looking at support for your project, ImageMagick C++ libraries are a good start.
Python (TC1014) should be finishing chapter 11 (Dictionaries).