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Final Project: FINAL

Redundant title is redundant. After much work, tears, sweat and a couple of sleep-deprivation sessions at the Biblioteca, we did it. Messily, and with two codes worth of work, but we did it. Montse had a lot of trouble simply getting the Magick++ library to cooperate with us and it just did not work in … Continue reading Final Project: FINAL

The Final Project. #PROJECT #TC1017

It’s been a hard week for us, we started the project 4 days ago after we finished all of our tasks since the past week, (Finishing the final proyect of mathematics and all the other stuff of this course). Manuel and I started with some help (a lot) of a friend of his (his roomie who is having classes with you but in the other c++ course), he practically told us everything about installing ubuntu and the magick++ library. This week i surely learned how to use matrixes (Thing i didn’t know before not until this project). So we think this program works, we did final modifications earlier (we didnt have time to prove them, but the last time we proved it, it worked) sorry for the delay, thanks.

Here’s the code: https://github.com/kenwbauer/TC101F15_Team20/blob/master/finalproject.cpp

Proyecto final


Project – (second post, description earlier post)

  Here is the code of our project. I made earlier a post about some problems and the description of them. It is on github. I left as well some codes that were used to test our library the ones inside the prenthesis. It was difficult I have to say. 


Final Project Entry 5 #Project

After a whole day of failed attemps, we couldn’t crop the image to half its size. It resulted more complicated than expected because the program did not recognize arrays of Colors, we could only use vectors and it turned difficult solving it p…

#Project completed

We did it!!! We finish the project, with the functions of imagemagick wasn’t difficult but I don’t know if we could have done it with an array. I do the code in my laptop and uploaded to GitHub so that… Continue Reading →


Final Project

Hi, finally here is our final project which in our opinion it was a little bit complicated because the use and the installation of the magick libray but ones we have that part of the project it become more easy to work on it, as you can see in…

Final final project post

HERE IT IS!! AFTER A HUNDRED YEARS!! Finally, my project is finished, of course with some help but, who didn’t need it? In the code were 2 functions, one for grayscale and the other for scale (1/2); What the grayscale… Continue Reading →







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Hi, this is a blogpost about my I wanted to do this since a few days ago but I had no time, you know its finals and everything gets crazy. First I would like to start saying this was hell, way too difficult. I first had to search all over the internet for information. I had a lot of problems with using the library on mac so I did it in Ubuntu. Once I had it I couldn’t even compile the sample program, that is when I went with Ken and asked for some help, the thing was I had installed another thing I thought it was the library and that is why I could not compile anything. Once everything with magick++ was set up I started the coding process, we have the code know the thing is that, I don´t finish to understand why, but it only works with some images not with all of them. I don´t know if it is something with my code or the Ubuntu software or other thing. Here are some pictures of the process, I first published in github some separated codes that were the sample ones, but with some modifications.

I did this one with the same crop one

 This is the picture that my code lets me modify… I will post the final code later today.

It is in jpeg format. Other different images showed up some error i couldt figure out


I will post later tonight more about this and the final project see you…

What should you work on?

Week #12 and more partial exams for you.

For this week's readings:
C++ (TC1017) should either be looking at support for your project, ImageMagick C++ libraries are a good start.
Python (TC1014) should be finishing chapter 11 (Dictionaries).