Introduction to Programming Python and C++

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Mastery #6

Last week

The project wasn’t easy but we achieve it and we are going to uploud it today. FINALLY!!!  

Week 3

We understand how to do the program and we started to test the program.
Also we download VMware to use Ubuntu

Quiz 11

I asked to Arturo that is studying the same as me, but he is in the 5 semester so he help to achieve it.


We looked for some videos to understand more about imaging processing.
So in the next week we are going to start programming.


Week 1 project

In the first week we found a library for imaging processing.
we have download, so we are going to start working on it
The page that we found is this one

Mastery 25

Mastery 23 y 13

Mastery 11 y 12

What should you work on?

Week #12 and more partial exams for you.

For this week's readings:
C++ (TC1017) should either be looking at support for your project, ImageMagick C++ libraries are a good start.
Python (TC1014) should be finishing chapter 11 (Dictionaries).