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Ruth Vanessa Baeza Elizalde’s Articles at TC101 Fall 2015
Introduction to Programming Python and C++

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Mastery 2

Here is a video to Mastery 2



Hope it helps you:


Masteries 6 and 18


Hope it helps!


Masteries 22 and 25

Here is my video to masteries 22 and 25



THE LAST ONE!! Just downloaded Scilab, and I’m about to begin the reading of its glorious manual. I’m so happy about finishing the wsqs on time



My brain is collapsing, Miguel Cardenas is being my teacher and helping me and stuff. I kind of like him, even though he  yells and is annoying, I believe he likes me (and hope he is not reading this). JK

But that ws not the point right, reading files is tricky. But it makes sense and is so much fun!


My code in github: https://github.com/VanessaBaeza17/wsq16/blob/master/code


Here is my code to wsq14, hate euler, love euler, our relationship is complicated 3

My code in github: https://github.com/VanessaBaeza17/wsq14/blob/master/code

Bonus Points!!

Here is my video about the course, and flipped learning, etc.


Project: Week we are already finished but I’m distracted… crap.

Helloooo, I guess you’ve noticed that all our updates have been through Miguel’s blog. Lets be honest, I’m like a potatoe beside him when it comes to computers. So, actually I profited a lot, because he’s a great teacher. Which lead to him, ex…

Quiz 11

What the heck Ken??! This was torture, maybe I should begin practicing my dancing skills… Ok, it wasn’t that horrible, I helped myself by reading like a thousand times mi various classmates quizzes. The helped a lot!!  Go to kenscourses.com if you need any help.

Or help yourself right here:




I actually skipped wsq14 because I was getting frustrated with life. And this was just what I need. Getting everything into perpective, now I know I have not that much of work to get done, or at least to more that what I can handle. 

I’m going to make, broken hearted and physically ill, Ruth is going to make it.

Thanks Ken


What should you work on?

Week #12 and more partial exams for you.

For this week's readings:
C++ (TC1017) should either be looking at support for your project, ImageMagick C++ libraries are a good start.
Python (TC1014) should be finishing chapter 11 (Dictionaries).