Review for this course

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Honestly, the past course was a big change for me and likely the others think the same. From the beginning I saw Ken as a different teacher, actually I do not think he is a teacher, he is something else more like a guide, he helped us with every doubt we could have to make our understanding a lot easier so we could resolve the exercises fluently. This course distinguishes from the others in a certain way, as we know there wasn’t any exercise or quiz that worth points ‘cause you know “Is not worth points”, the only thing that had a real value was our learning, it is up to you if you want to learn or not, I agree with Ken in the way of “grading”, it is weird to have an exam that is supposed to evaluate our knowledge that only make us nervous, also this will probably never be part of a real life situation so… yeah.

Hopefully, more people can experience this course, it is a very interesting way to gain new knowledge. Well I think that is everything I can say, so Thank You so much Ken. :D.

WSQ 04

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Sum Of Numbers

I had some problems with this code especially in the part where I had to use the second while, the teacher explained this to me in a very easy way, you can see it in the comments in gray. This code sums the numbers from the first number or the lower bound to the last number or the upper bound.

Mastery Topics: 1)Use of comments, 13)Use of loops with “while” and “do while”


WSQ 03

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Guess the number.

This code is about guessing one number between 1 to 100 that the pc picked randomly (X). If you give a number and is lower than the X, then it will display a message saying that your number is lower and vice-versa.

Here is a link to the code —–>