Being “Agile” while developing software

There is an umbrella term for a set of methods and practices that are based on values and principles, expressed in the Agile Manifesto, that you will get to know in a bit. It is known as


The 12 principles that define it are:

  1. The priority is to satisfy the customer.
  2. Welcome changing requirements for the customer’s competitive advantage.
  3. Deliver working software with preference to the shorter timescale.
  4. Business people and developers must work together daily throughout the project.
  5. Motivate the individuals that build the projects.
  6. Promote face-to-face conversation and sustainable development.
  7. Working software is the primary measure of progress.
  8. Agile processes promote interaction between sponsors, developers and users.
  9. Continuous attention to technical excellence and good design enhances agility.
  10. Simplicity.
  11. Best works come from self-organizing teams.
  12. The team becomes more effective and adjusts its behaviour.

There are also several agile project management frameworks such as:


But it isn’t only rainbows, order and friendly team work, there are some other downsides. You can find more about it HERE


Victor Najar  & Carmina Pérez