Is there anything more beautiful than crystals?

The Crystal Methodologies are a set of Software engineering methodologies that derive from Agile Sofware Development. The main idea of their creator (Alistair Cockburn) is to meet customer needs and have aligned team goals.
This model focuses on:
A main idea of the model is to consider development as a game to generate creativity in all of the participants. There must be communication density, system criticality and project priorization. There are two main assumptions:
1. Teams work together integrating and optimizing.
2. Projects are unique and dynamic and need to be designed based on customer specifications.
These are the types of Crystal Models:
3. Crystal Clear
4. Crystal Yellow
5. Crystal Orange
6. Crystal Orange Web
7. Crystal Red
8. Crystal Maroon
9. Crystal Diamond
10. Crystal Sapphire


Four Variants of Agile Development Methods