Software Verification and Validation

There is a big difference between the verification of Software and the validation it. Also, there are some similarities between both of them. First, verification is the process which checks if the software is functioning correctly. On the other side, validation is concerned with checking that the software actually satisfies the customer’s needs.

Verification checks the quality of the software such as testing, inspection, design analysis, specification analysis, etcetera. All the processes should be objective because there is needed to be a concise product. If the software is created with the correct specifications, there might not be subjective judgements to it.

Validation is the process of checking if the stages of the creation of the software are accomplishing the customers needs.Validation is a subjective process because analysis might vary between the people that are evaluating the project. It all depends on the evaluator and the different ideas between each evaluator.

They have differences, such as the following:


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The development of a project needs both of them, they might be different but important. As an example, applying both onto a project is like comparing the design of a webpage and the code. Code is fundamental to make the webpage work, but if the design of it isn’t the best, the webpage might be useless or it isn’t going to meet the customer’s needs.

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