Software Engineering Historayyy lmao

Back in the good ol’ days where I wasn’t born and maybe you weren´t either, I’m talking about the 50’s and 60’s, software was delivered by hand and tested for a few hours before they could have the results back. The first widely used programming language was Fortran by your holyness IBM in 1957, along with Cobol, released by the US Department of Defense in 1962. But the processes of making software were still very slow and people accepted that they didn’t have the best methods, which led to something they called a Software Crisis, so in 1968 a conference was organized to find better ways of doing programming magic. At this conference is were the roots of Software Engineering were finally established.

Over the following decades, the discipline of programming saw a familiar tension between the scientific field, who gave the ideas of how to solve engineering challenges, and the crafty men that solved the practical needs of an industry faced with real-life time and cost pressures. Over the time more ideas came around, at the 80’s Object Oriented Programming came up as well as the use of GUIs to make interaction with the machine easier.

The next years leading up to these days the computing power of the machines programmers used was increased significantly,  but many don’t see this as a good thing, because before you had to write code as efficiently as possible with the little things you had, and now with so much capacity and memory, the quality of code has been downgrading leading up to wasteful software. Even if this phenomenon is true, recent years have been when there has been such an incredible development in the software industries, with the introduction of the Cloud, APIs and almost every industry realizing that they needed online presence

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