Welcome To my blog

This blog is for my Software Quality and Testing class. My name is Luis Eduardo Núñez Altamirano and I am studying Computer Systems Engineering at Tecnológico de Monterrey in Guadalajara, Mexico.

I will be posting and updating new content and every time will be a different topic, according to what we see in the class, but all related to the Testing and check the Quality of softwares.


  • Software Quality
    • Defining Software Quality
    • A focus on process
    • Ensuring Software Quality
    • The role of standards in Software Quality
  • Models and Standards for Software Process Improvement
    • CMMI
    • TSP/PSP
    • ISO-15504
    • IDEAL method
  • Verification and Validation of Software (V&V)
    • V&V in the life cycle of software development
    • International standards for V&V of Software
    • Planning V&V
    • Administration of a V&V Plan
  • Software Review
    • Definition and characteristics of review
    • Activities and roles for each review
    • How to review the key work products: plans, requirements, design, and code
  • Software Testing
    • Software testing process
    • Types and levels of testing
    • Activities and roles in testing
    • Testing environments
    • Test Case Design techniques (open and closed views)
    • Process for control and management of defects in artifacts
  • Tools for V&V
    • Tools for version control
    • Tools for testing
    • Tools for process administration of V&V

I hope I learn a lot of things along this semester. Thanks for reading.