Almost There

Creative Commons licensed (BY) flickr photo by wwarby:

Creative Commons licensed (BY) flickr photo by wwarby:

Just four weeks left, what I want for this WSQ is a blog post with your schedule for finishing the activities of the course. Depend on a weekly WSQ (this and 3 more WSQ, probably 3 or 4 quizzes and finishing out your masteries before the final exam).

And of course you should already be working on the final project!

What to Submit

As usual, create a blog post. This time with your plan for finishing the course during the semester. Remember to put the tag #WSQ15 on your post so our blog hub picks that up.

And of course, leave any questions here as well as asking those questions on Twitter with the hashtag #TC1017 so we all see your question posted there.

CC BY 4.0 WSQ 15 – Final Dash by Ken Bauer is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.