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Introduction - Flipped Learning Open Course
An Open and Connected Course for Faculty Development


--Originally published at Flipped Classroom

I´ve been trying to get involved in Flipped Classroomfor some time already, but for some reason now the time has come. Teaching is a very gratifying experience for all teachers, helping others learn is very important in everyone´s life. Learning is also a very exciting experience. Therefore, all of you that are involved in formal teaching can very surely agree that trying to find new ways to enhance the earning experince is not only important for both students and teachers, but also exciting and encouraging for both. This is a very important way in which we can make learning not only fun, but also easier for learners to understand and comprehend all we want them to take from our class.
Nowadays classrooms are very different compared to what they were 10 years ago. Learning can take place everywhere, always, even without us knowing. This is a great advantage technology has put in out hands.
Hopefully this will be a very encouraging way to enhance learning and teaching competences both in our students and in ourselves, which will eventually reinforce our student´s learning.
I hope this is a new way of coming in contact with teachers and learners interested in finding new ways to do things better and more fun.