--Originally published at Future Queen of C++

I created my first code on GitHub in the final week of the semester! But I did it, it wasn’t hard, it was just laziness. And the thing that made me upload this into the web was that I needed to take more than one photo because of the size of the program, really.

But here it is

I used some lines of WSQ09, I think, that’s the correct number I don’t recae really well.

And here is a pie of how it works and what the file was.Screen Shot 2017-11-14 at 6.02.40 PM


List of numbers

--Originally published at Future Queen of C++

This was a challenging WSQ, because at first I tried to do it with an array that did not had an specified size, but I failed because it was really confusing for me. I spend two whole weeks trying and looking in google everything. At the end, I realized that it was easier to beging with a level one and do the basic WSQ, so here is the result with vectors :

For this WSQ I mainly used blogs of some classmates and the book: