We want it to look pretty please!

User Interface, often abreviated (UI), Design ensures that there are elements easy to access for what users may want to do. Accesibility is what UI design is all about, it must be understandable, and easy to do. Basically, it brings together visual, and interaction design with information architecture. Let’s do it beautiful.

Interface elements

  • Navigational components
  • Input controls
  • Containers
  • Informational components

Tips for a great interface

  1. Keep it simple, avoid unnecesary elements.
  2. Use common elements in your UI, users will feel more comfortable, and will get things done faster.
  3. Structure the page based on importance, and consider relationships between elements and space.
  4. Use colors and textures strategically.
  5. The use of typography is important to create hierarchies, and make it more understandable.
  6. The system must communicate what it is doing.
  7. Establish default values for your system.

Nice video into creating a nice UI:



Software Architecture

The software architecture is a process of declaring the components of a software, such as the requirements and functionality of it. Also, software architecture includes the quality attributes such as performance, security, and manageability. It is important, because it can reach a better communication between the customer and the software engineers.


In the software architecture, decisions are made in order to follow a schedule. This structure is very helpful to follow the tasks or steps to reach the final product. It can reduce the lapse time of the project because of the organization. The architecture is supposed to be redacted in a way in which all of the involved people can understand.

The architecture can be divided in four statements: the creation of a understanding system, create accessible knowledge and accessible decisions, have an efficient development, and  reduce the risks while completing tasks. Not all the architectures leave you in the best way to success, but it is a great tool or guide.

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