In this WSQ we had to download, install and use a new program called Scilab which is an IDE really usefull because it let you do mathematical operations really easy and also calculate graphics and write lines of code.

I checked out the introduction for beginners and I learned how to use it, it’s actually pretty simple to do the basic things and for the advanced stuff well, I will need more practise.

It is really a usefull tool that I thing will help a lot during my class of math and physics not only because it works as a calculator, but also it can print graphics and you can create your own programs writing the code lines inside the program! That’s awesome.

No doubt Scilab is an excellent tool and I can’t wait to keep practising and descovering new stuff in it.


-The Admin.


CC BY 4.0 Scilab! The last one. by esaupreciado is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.