It seems that flippped learning is better than convencional learning in  many ways.

For this course, i think is better to learn in a flipped way, because we can learn more by doing stuff by ourselves, instead of hearing the teacher giving a long boring class about what is a program, how to program, definition of function, compiler, etc. Our skills improve in a faster way if we just go for it, using every single source in our reach; obviously we need a teacher to accept the way we work and advance, and also we need him to lead us in the right direction, make suggestions and help us when we just do not know what to do (and to teach us about the importance of the bananas).
We are able to do thing by ourselves and that’s great, and the class time can be used for resolve questions and everybody is happy.

I think is all I have to say, here I’ll put a photo of a plant, remembering you that the Earth is beautiful:


Oh, and the video of flipped learning is over here:

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