Hi everyone. I cannot believe the semester is almost over. Thank God, Jesus, Jahavé, Buda, Pachamama, Rá and Alá.

This is suppose to be my plan to finish the semester:

A long weekend is coming, and you are going to see me expending my time in a chair in front of my computer and notebooks (they are going to be like my best friends this weekend).

So after this long weekend I should have finished 16 over the 17 WSQ’s (I think I will have some problems with the 16th).

Working on the final project is of course a priority. I will research a lot and ask Ken about this, because I feel pretty lost in this thing.


About another courses, I kind of screwed, but I am going to done this, I’m sure.

Good luck for everyone!

-So good I will pass this course and never look for programs again.

-Dude, you are studying mechatronics, and this was the first semester.


CC BY 4.0 WSQ15… The Final Dash!! by hrglez is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.