What to Do

Click image for source.

Click image for source.

Ask the user for two integer values, then use those two values to calculate and show the following:

  • The sum of the two numbers.
  • The difference of the two numbers.
  • The product of the two numbers.
  • The integer based division of the two numbers (so no decimal point). First divided by second.
  • The remainder of integer division of the two numbers.

What to Submit

As usual, create a blog post explaining what you did, where you found resources (books, videos, web pages, friends) to help you solve this. Remember to put the tag WSQ03 on your post so our blog hub picks that up.

You should include your code either inline in the blog post (best option) and/or a link to your actual code on Dropbox/Google Drive/GitHub.

And of course, leave any questions here as well as asking those questions on Twitter with the hashtag #TC1017 so we all see your question posted there.

CC BY 4.0 WSQ03 – Fun With Numbers by Ken Bauer is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.