Week 14 – Post Mortem

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So last blog post I talked about my Database course project. We are using MongoDB as our backend along with Flask. We think is easier to implement python code with Flask than using exec functions on Node. Also, the learning curve of Node is way more difficult than Flask’s. Therefore, Flask is the winning framework to use. We won’t be using any agile methodology, since we started the project way too late. We are using XP methodologies to finish on time.

Stay tuned for this project’s advancements.

End of week 12: Bouncing all over the place

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“Bounces” flickr photo by David Goehring shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license

This week, I created the fourth level which has a lot of those new obstacles we implemented last week. This level focuses on the use of the walls that makes the player to bounce; actually, almost everything is one of those obstacles. The actual purpose of this level is to make the player to get used to this type of object. It is actually kind of hard but also challenging because you have to avoid some enemies while bouncing around the level.

Week 13

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Week 13 (April 17 – 22) is starting today and our team has been split. Sara is making the video demo, Itzel and David the firebase testing and I will work on the rest of the UI pages.

Hopefully this could be a productive week before friday where I will be unable to work beacause of a trip.

International Game – TO-DO Week 13

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Okay, so now I have again stuff to do! Yay! 3 issues to be exact! 2 that I guess i’mgoing to like, and 1 that I must have. This week, and remaining sprint will be focused in incorporating multiple languages to our game. So my 3 issues are mostly related to that.

“Mini Rockefeller Plaza” by Sunny Ripert (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0/). Taken from https://www.flickr.com/photos/sunfox/5084842773
  1. Update the level schema and already uploaded levels, so that they have only a boolean property called text. If true, the level loader must get the level data.
  2. Create a new schema, for the level texts. It must contain all the languages for the texts of the level.
  3. A new level. it will be level 5.


Miguel Montoya
Esperanto Enthusiast

I kinda did a bit – End of Week 12

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“IMG_0152” by clement127 (CC BY-NC-ND). From https://www.flickr.com/photos/clement127/8393707617/

Okay, so doing the stuff that Gera asked me to do took me like 10 minutes. Which isn’t much, but it was more than what I estimated. I forgot how much time it takes to move stuff in the game window. Instead of giving to coordinates and creating a square using only the diagonal, it asks for the center coordinate, a high and a width, making my space senses go uisndqne… Oh, and to take a bit of initiative, not only I increased the size of the texts, but I also updated the content and added new texts to the level.

I’ve also created and updated some DB scripts. Now we have a remove level script, and there are some comments in most of the scripts to make a more specific query to the DB.

And… yeah…

That’s all for now.

I know this blog is late, and I’m sorry ;-;

Miguel Montoya
Esperanto Enthusiast