Week 7 – Post Mortem

--Originally published at TC3045 – Sagnelli's blog

Howdy partner,

As you may have read, or maybe not, in the pre mortem blog for this week, I worked on being able to mine tweets from an account since the beginning of their time. I was able to do that by creating a loop in which 200 tweets were gathered using the API of Twitter. Also it is possible to specify the people that you want to gather tweets from by writing their user names in a txt file stored in the same location.

This time we want to gather all the tweets from @RicardoAnayaC , @lopezobrador_ , and @JoseAMeadeK to create a words map. This map will allow us to know which words are most used by the candidates to measure their popularities.

Stay tuned, for the next weeks’ progress


Week 5: Post-Mortem

--Originally published at TC3045 – Sagnelli's blog

As you know we already had a streamer to use with the Twitter API for streaming tweets. With that streamer we were only able to filter using key words; however, tweets from all sources arrived. Now, added a second streamer, where we are now able to filter from whom we want our tweets. This list of users is provided via a .txt file, and we can also use a list of keywords for a more thorough filtering.

What did we do with the first streamer?

It is now fully working, adding filtered tweets to the database, and printing who tweeted the matching results.

The project’s development is going great.

Stay tuned for next weeks developments.