Final Blog

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The project is done, as well as the demo video and I can conclude now this reports. The team worked well, with some communication difficulties at a times. We learned at the same time to use new tools and put them together to carry out the idea of a client. A good decision we made was not to try to customize the entire user interface, because this could take too long and move away from the objective of the course.

In general, the way the course was developed was good. If I have to blame myself for something, I would say that I always arrive 15 or 20 minutes late for the class. This semester I experience many things, but put aside the habit of punctuality. Without a doubt it is something that I will work in the future.

I feel now, with better tools to speak with a client, be honest in calculating the production times of a job, know my strengths and my opportunities to improve. I am more aware of the need for an ecomerce and be able to discern between points that are worth being better detailed to those that do not. And above all the advantages of developing with the aim always to have a functional prototype that has passed the relevant tests.

What I’ll do this week (April 23)

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This week I plan to finish the test and have at least 70% of the api code covered. We already have all signup, login, profile and delete account functionality tested and passing. I tried to include the tests in the travis-ci build but it seems to have problems with the neo4j service, neo4j is throwing this error:

Uncaught error when processing result: Neo4jError: 140223444313984:error:140770FC:SSL routines:SSL23_GET_SERVER_HELLO:unknown protocol:../deps/openssl/openssl/ssl/s23_clnt.c:827

And I just don’t know why, should I just remove the https code when the code is being executed in travis? Maybe it’s because it does not find the key and certificate, but I don’t see why that would be the case, I’ll try again anyway.

Week 14

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Week 14 (April 24 – 29) is here and it is the last one we got. We finally made the connection with firebase, and I finally get it. Using a framework like Angular for a relatively small project is, in most cases, is barely unnecessary. But knowing that, this project was a great excuse to learn how to use this tools with its strengths and weaknesses. With no joke I take one whole afternoon trying to figure it how to implement the database, but my attempt hardly did what I needed. I use the template we used the first time, and then it worked.

David told me some advice for manipulate data in firebase, and make the project run the minimum indispensable.

Task for this week:

  • Test the product data by adding, removing and checking those changes in the platform
  • Help Sara with the demo video
  • Organize the blog entries categories and tags

Is it a good time to test?

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Now that the database is partially feeding some of the pages of our web-app it is time try to test if it is correctly working. Probably is late to do so, but I will try to do because I think is a good opportunity to learn how to integrate Firebase to this framework. I will have to research a little further so I hope I can get some conclusions on the next tuesday’s blog.

The time is coming up

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Before writting this post I found myself looking for philosophical or motivational phrases about time consumption, but then I look the real irony of wasting my time doing so. Every minute from now on until the end of the semester is critical, and I have to be careful about it if I want to do also the trips I already planned.

For this project, the things left are to test the firebase integration in the app, and dont destroy what we have built.

Time is the most valuable thing a man can spend.

Yes, I found it out.

Week 12

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Week 12 (April 10 – 15) is time to get things finished. My team and I get to meet today to clear out the things that are needed to get done by the end of the course. Is good ti have team talks with Ken, it makes everyone stay on the same page and focus the work where is needed to.

Task for this week:

  • Add missing pages to the current interface
  • Linked the project with Firebase

New look

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The project has gotten a completely new look, the reasons for this is that we were having some trouble by trying to create from scratch the UI functionalities of the interface. This was a big learning expirience. When you have a task, you have to effective scope the amount of work you are needed to do in order to really solve the problem, without getting less of it or do something completely different.

Captura de pantalla 2018-04-17 a la(s) 15.32.14.png

This new UI has been integrated into Angular and is waiting to be linked with a database information. Captura de pantalla 2018-04-17 a la(s) 15.37.28.png

I have now realise the power of a modular framework, and the good thing that is re-using code in a same application.


Week 11

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Week 11 (April 3 – 8) the last rush is here. The countdown to the end of the course has started and we only have 30 days to finish the project. Expectations? Well the prognosis is favorable and the product is in good state. Today at class, I tried to implement some styles of css into Angular needed to the new design. I did not get that done but I will get my mind to resolve that later, whatever, the experience of not being able to operate this framework nobody will take it from me.

Task for this week:

  • Get the front-end working for god sake

The mid break

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Last friday my team and I found ourselves with a lot of work from other subjects due to the weird second-term exams dates. That day we couldn’t progress or talk much, I am assuming that our responsabilites are the same ones that we talked lasted tuesday. For me, to make a better looking front-end with the cability to work in a Angular enviroment.

Hopefully the next week we can charge our energy so we can rush work.

Week 10

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Week 10 (March 20 – 25) so, what is up next? We got to present what was new on our project, but now we are at a point where we could dig deeper on our functionalities, add more or to get our work clean and tested. For the purpose of this class I think we need to go for the last one. Make our project scalable and properly tested.

A group meeting is badly needed this start of the week.